3PC PROFESSIONAL Diamond grinding disc, cup, wheel 125mm, 5" concrete,stone

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 Professional diamond wheel for dry or wet grinding general masonry materials, different types of stones.


 Cup Wheels are ideal for grinding and shaping natural stone products, especially for concrete and hard materials. They are also widely used for profiling edges, smoothing  cuts, and smoothing rough surfaces for lamination. Designed for dry or wet use, they provide heavy material removal and are optimum wheels for any grinding, shaping or beveling work that needs to be done. These cup wheels feature cooling flute holes in the steel core.

segments have high concentration of diamond for quick materials removal and extended working life of disc.

This grinding disc is professional disc, NOT economy line.




Technical Specs

Cup Diameter: 5", 125mm
Grit: Coarse (50/60)

Cutting Application: Hard Material, Granite, Marble, Engineered Stone

Cutting Use:   Dry or Wet

For Use With: High Speed Angle Grinder, Wet-Feed Polisher

Segment Height: 5 mm

Overall Height: 20 mm
Part Weight: 280 gr.

Arbor Size: 22.25 mm

Maximum RPM: 15,200